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As a party planner in the Charlotte Community, I am always looking to keep up with the Bar/Bat Mitzvah trends. Kids have ever-changing ideas of “cool”, and being able to impress their guests with a hot new idea can be a mom’s big dilemma. Well, from one mom to the masses, I have compiled a list of the newest Bar/Bat trends and where to find them locally to keep you sane and your celebration top notch!

1. Video Game Truck and Mobile Laser Tag from “GameTruck Charlotte”. What could be better for that teenage boy than conquering quests and blasting bad guys with all his favorite friends and family? Mobile Game Trucks give kids the thrill of at home gaming in a party atmosphere. The games become interactive, and a fun way for all ages to connect and compete.

2. Mobile Spa from “A Touch of Grace Mobile Spa” in Charlotte. Every teenage girl wants to be pampered and feel beautiful on her special day. But getting a spa day brought to you and all your guests is a dream come true! The mobile spa can come to your event and offer special spa packages for all ages.

3. Candy, S’mores, Ice Cream and Popcorn Buffets from “SugarPop’s Candy” in Mooresville. Kids and Candy go hand-in-hand, and the hottest new trend is bringing the candy shop to you! SugarPop’s Candy delivers extravagant displays of candy, sweets, popcorn, s’mores, (and more), that are delicious, affordable and truly impressive. Each table they create is unique and fully customizable to the theme and colors of the event. As if that’s not enough, they offer free consultations and candy tastings for all events.

4. Mobile Boutique/Style Truck from L Squared Boutique in Mooresville.
Shopping is the new “girl’s best friend”, and shopping with all your friends and family is a perfect way to spend your big day! From fashion shows, to style tips and tricks, there’s something fun for everyone to enjoy when the Style Truck rolls up. Guests can browse and buy the newest fashions right there at the event. It is sure to be a big hit.

5. Silent Disco Dance Party from Silent Storm Sound System (national).
Silent Discos are the newest trend in parties and teens all over the world are jumping on board. Guests are provided with wireless headsets that tune out the outside world and bring the hottest music directly to their ears. As guests are transformed to the raging party, all underneath a set of headphones, the atmosphere outside the headsets is quiet. Silent discos are the ultimate teen dance parties and provide all guests with access to great music at their own personal pace.

candy buffet sugarpops

by Cassandra Howley Wood – Event and Party Planner – Charlotte, NC

Out with the Old & In with the New!

Screen Shot 2016 08 07 at 4.47 17For years the big deal at weddings was the huge, massive, over the top (as well as over priced) wedding cake that sat in the middle of the room. However, that no longer is the case! Slowly people have come to realize that these massive cakes are no longer necessary and well over budget! Therefore, couples are doing smaller cakes with an added dessert table. Yet, whats even better than a dessert table?? A CANDY BUFFET! A candy buffet is more affordable, but also brings beautiful decorations, variety, and creativity to the wedding.

Candy buffets allow couples to select candies that they would like to include! Now a days the candies can even be chosen to match the color scheme of the wedding! However, making a candy buffet on your own can be difficult, over whelming, and stressful! Lucky for you SugarPop’s has everything you need for your candy buffet to be absolutely amazing on your wedding day!

SugarPop’s Candy and Catering 248 North Main Street Mooresville, NC 704-799-0959 Serving Charlotte, Lake Norman, and beyond!

Jelly Belly is a candy that just about anyone can find a flavor they enjoy devouring! However, what happens when you take that DELICIOUS Jelly Belly and mix it with one that looks identical, but tastes DISGUSTING! Will you dare to take the challenge? Will it be a yuck or mmmm experience? Come in to SugarPop’s today to pick up your game of Bean Boozled!

How its played (Best with 2+ people): In the box of Jelly Belly Bean Boozled there will be two beans that look identical. One is going to taste like the regular flavor, but the other one is going to send your tastebuds on a crazy adventure!
Have each player choose a jelly bean that looks the same. Both place the jelly bean in your mouths at the same time and begin to chew. Within a few seconds you will be able to decipher who got the good one and who got the bad one. Repeat with the rest of the jelly beans. Have fun and try not to throw up! Flavors are listed below:


• Stinky Socks VS. Tutti Fruitti
• Rotten Egg VS. Buttered Popcorn
• Barf VS. Peach
• Booger VS. Juicy Pear
• Baby Wipes VS. Coconut
• Lawn Clippings VS. Lime
• Toothpaste VS. Berry Blue
• Canned Dog Food VS. Chocolate Pudding
• Moldy Cheese VS. Caramel Corn
• Skunk Spray VS. Licorice

While enjoying your Bean Boozled remember…

Smell: Basically how you will tell the jelly beans apart; if you smash one between your fingers it will smell like whatever flavor it is!

Flavor: This is a judgment of how bad (or good) each of the jelly bean tastes.

Aftertaste: This is the flavor they leave lingering behind after you’ve either swallowed them, spit them out, or thrown up.

Fourth of July is right around the corner which, of course, means cookouts, fireworks, family gatherings, friends, and celebration. Yet, no party is complete without sweet & delicious treats (which are a must for the kids)! Good thing for you is that SugarPop’s Candy has just what you need to completely wow your friends and family.

We have Whirly pops, Pop-rocks, Rock candy, Jelly Belly, M&M’s, Gum Balls and more treats that are all in Red, White, and Blue. Or you can even try our candy-based recipes!

Look at some of our sweet treats we will be cooking up this July 4th:

• Patriotic Pretzel Rods: All you will need for this sweet and salty treat is 4 simple ingredients.
-Pretzel rods
-Chocolate melts
-Food coloring (Red, White, & Blue)
-Candies (Red Hots; Red, White, and Blue M&M’s; Pop-Rocks)

patriotic pretzel rods

Directions: Simply begin by melting the chocolate in a bowl following the directions on the chocolate melts, then dip the pretzels creating a coating of chocolate and immediately cover with your patriotic candies. Let dry on parchment paper and then they are ready to be served to your guest!

• Flag Cake: This one has a few more ingredients than the last one but is definitely worth making!
-Cake Mix
-M&M’s (Red, White, & Blue M&M’s)

flag cake

Directions: Begin with baking a cake as normal, frost the cake with white frosting, and then begin placing the M&M’s in the shape of an American Flag. Place in fridge to cool and then you are able to serve! Enjoy!

As we continue through one of the busiest times of the wedding season, we wanted to revisit what to give your out of town guests. Every week we get calls from brides, venues, and planners about what are some choices for people traveling to the wedding city. Here are some choices to think about.

Wedding Welcome Bags

What we like about Wedding Welcome bags is simply it gives your guests a feel and flavor of your local area. Here in Charlotte, there are so many great local vendors to choose from. Some people may choose local soaps, wine, beer, snacks, chocolate, or candy. When choosing, going local is always better. People will appreciate the thought, and will enjoy the goods.

Box of Chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolate? What’s important when choosing a chocolate, is variety. Best thing to do is either go with some different flavored truffles, or different types of chocolate.

Local Souvenirs

Depending upon where you are getting married will depend on if this is a good choice. If it is a destination wedding (out of the country), a really great gift would be something locally made. One thing to remember is it should be something that is able to be brought back home both through customs and size.

Local Beer, Wine, or Liquor

If you know your family and friends, this could be a really great gift for them to enjoy. Again keep in mind its transportability. And make sure they drink and will enjoy! Here in the Charlotte area, you can find tons of local breweries, and local vineyards. One thing to keep in mind is the expense of this option.

If you are looking for a vendor to help you put together your local wedding welcome bags, box of chocolates, or need advice on where to get local fare or gifts, give SugarPop’s Candy a call. We specialize in Wedding Welcome Bags, treat basket, and we have great selection of chocolates and treats for your out of town guests!

SugarPop’s Candy and Catering
248 North Main Street
Mooresville, NC 28115
Serving the Charlotte, Lake Norman NC area

Throwing a rad pool party? Graduation party? Or just hosting a get together this summer? Well, everyone loves a good old fashioned ice cream float! An ice cream float is a beverage that consists of 2-3 scoops of ice cream combined with a delicious bubbly soda!

It is said that Robert M. Green was the first to invent a ice cream float in Philadelphia, PA all the way back in 1874. It was noted to be a particular hot day and he had ran out of ice for his flavored drinks. To improvise he started using ice cream from a neighboring vendor, therefore creating a new drink!!

However, from his own account which was published to the Soda Fountain magazine, it stated that he wanted to attract customers away from the fancier, and bigger soda fountains.  For that reason he began to mix the two together to create the sensational flavor!

Regardless of its origins and how it came about, it became popular very fast and is still popular even in today’s time. Now with a wide variation of sodas and ice cream  to choose from there is countless varieties of float combinations to try!

Stop into SugarPop’s today to try one of our 100+ delicious sodas with some cold ice cream this summer!