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So here we are, one month into our Journey.  Its been pretty great thus far.  The experts say the first month of business will be the most challenging.  But, I see it as one the best months of learning I have ever experienced.  Things that we think are going to work, don’t. And things that we were sure were going to fail, didn’t.  So, as we figured though, the masses will dictate what will succeed. With that said, we decided to listen to you guys, and bring more selection to SugarPop’s. Instead of mostly “just” candy, we wanted to offer more chocolate and fudge.  This will enable us to fill a great need in our area.  We are currently looking for amazing makers of these toothsome treats.  We want to make sure that we are keeping with our tradition of selecting confections that you just can’t find everywhere.  So the research will be intense, but worthwhile.  Our goal is to have something in place before Valentine’s Day.  But, as I said, and I believe, we cannot rush to a decision to fill up a shelve or table.  We want it to be great.  We want it to be our customers favorite. We are asking for some help in this one.  Keep an eye out for the question on our Facebook Page:  http://www.facebook.com/SugarPopsCandy What chocolates and fudge would you like to see at SugarPop’s Candy and Soda Shop?  We are talking about types and manufactures.  Help us, help you!  :)   -Sean