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weddingbagsblog1Over the past 20 years, the American worker has moved to where the career takes them.  We have become a very migrant nation, because jobs are not just down the street anymore. Many brides and grooms find many of their family and friends live out of state, or maybe just a bit “out of town”.  With that said, the couple must think about treating their guests with a goodie bag for all of their traveling.  A well-thought out wedding bag is always a welcomed treat.  Not only does it say thanks, but leaves a thoughtful lasting memory for your guests.

So what are the essentials for the perfect Wedding Welcome Bag for guests? Here are the top 6 suggestions to make a big impact for a little price.

Go Local

When your guests come in from out of town, make your bags special by providing them with some local flair. So options can be hand-made soap, honey, and maybe even lip balm.


All of this travel makes your guests hungry. Give them food! Some great options can be popcorn, cotton candy, chocolate, or pretzels!


Depending on where you are, usually some water and maybe a soda will suffice. Don’t overthink this one.

Make it look pretty

The bag is what they are going to see first. When your guests arrive, first impression is very important.  The bag needs to be nice, but not overdone or gaudy.  Keep it simple. Remember, the important stuff is inside!


This is a big one.  Who’s wedding is it? Where are we? Do we know these people? All very important questions that can be answered with some simple personalization. Plus, it makes everything look nicer.

Give them information

So most out of town guests have little knowledge of the area.  Something that can be helpful to your guests is a local map, a town/county guide, and a local magazine.  They will appreciate the help.

So there you have it.  These tips can help you navigate the chaos of planning a wedding. Remember, its your day, but you want to make sure your wedding guests are happy. Welcome Wedding bags make a great first impression.  Make sure you stuff them with all of the right goodies.

Now, if you don’t want to do it alone, feel free to call us to help you out! Not only does SugarPop’s offer candy catering like candy buffets, popcorn bars, s’mores buffets, personalized favors, and treat baskets, we also specialize in Wedding Welcome Bags for your hospitality guests. We have three options to choose from, all local and all extremely well-thought out. When you don’t have time, or don’t know where to start with your Welcome Bags for your Wedding, we are here to help!

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