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Movie Ticket 1 15Summer is right around the corner and that most likely means you'll be spending a lot of time at the movie theater! Why is this? Because there is nothing better than sitting in an air conditioned room and havnig your children content for a few hours. Yet, who wants to pay $10 for an overly staled, stale popcorn or $5 for ONE candy bar? No one!

You will enjoy your movie a lot more with a sweet, tasty treat and not having to worry about the buttery mess. Stop into SugarPop's today to pick up your delicious movie threater treats all for an affordable price!

Top 5 Suggested Candies:

-M&M's: A classic movie theater candy that will fulfill your chocolate craving. Come in and make a mixture of our coolorful variety as they are sweet, easy, and mess free!

-Razzles: A candy that has been around for decades but will still please your tastebuds. They start off as hard candy and then magically transform to chewing gum giving you a lasting flavor throughout the whole movie.

-Sour Patch Kids: They will satisfy your sweet and sour taste buds. Just like the commercial says "First they are sour, then they are sweet!" A must have for all movies.

-Jelly Belly: With a wide variety to choose from there is no way you can go wrong with these! Buttered popcorn, cotton candy, very cherry, blueberry, and many more. Mix them or keep them separate to enjoy any and all flavors!

-Bulk Candy: Even come in and make a mixture of your own. From sour candies, gummies, and chocolates we are stocked with 300 candies and sure to have something that your tastebuds are craving.