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Throwing a rad pool party? Graduation party? Or just hosting a get together this summer? Well, everyone loves a good old fashioned ice cream float! An ice cream float is a beverage that consists of 2-3 scoops of ice cream combined with a delicious bubbly soda!

It is said that Robert M. Green was the first to invent a ice cream float in Philadelphia, PA all the way back in 1874. It was noted to be a particular hot day and he had ran out of ice for his flavored drinks. To improvise he started using ice cream from a neighboring vendor, therefore creating a new drink!!

However, from his own account which was published to the Soda Fountain magazine, it stated that he wanted to attract customers away from the fancier, and bigger soda fountains.  For that reason he began to mix the two together to create the sensational flavor!

Regardless of its origins and how it came about, it became popular very fast and is still popular even in today’s time. Now with a wide variation of sodas and ice cream  to choose from there is countless varieties of float combinations to try!

Stop into SugarPop’s today to try one of our 100+ delicious sodas with some cold ice cream this summer!