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As we continue through one of the busiest times of the wedding season, we wanted to revisit what to give your out of town guests. Every week we get calls from brides, venues, and planners about what are some choices for people traveling to the wedding city. Here are some choices to think about.

Wedding Welcome Bags

What we like about Wedding Welcome bags is simply it gives your guests a feel and flavor of your local area. Here in Charlotte, there are so many great local vendors to choose from. Some people may choose local soaps, wine, beer, snacks, chocolate, or candy. When choosing, going local is always better. People will appreciate the thought, and will enjoy the goods.

Box of Chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolate? What’s important when choosing a chocolate, is variety. Best thing to do is either go with some different flavored truffles, or different types of chocolate.

Local Souvenirs

Depending upon where you are getting married will depend on if this is a good choice. If it is a destination wedding (out of the country), a really great gift would be something locally made. One thing to remember is it should be something that is able to be brought back home both through customs and size.

Local Beer, Wine, or Liquor

If you know your family and friends, this could be a really great gift for them to enjoy. Again keep in mind its transportability. And make sure they drink and will enjoy! Here in the Charlotte area, you can find tons of local breweries, and local vineyards. One thing to keep in mind is the expense of this option.

If you are looking for a vendor to help you put together your local wedding welcome bags, box of chocolates, or need advice on where to get local fare or gifts, give SugarPop’s Candy a call. We specialize in Wedding Welcome Bags, treat basket, and we have great selection of chocolates and treats for your out of town guests!

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