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Fourth of July is right around the corner which, of course, means cookouts, fireworks, family gatherings, friends, and celebration. Yet, no party is complete without sweet & delicious treats (which are a must for the kids)! Good thing for you is that SugarPop’s Candy has just what you need to completely wow your friends and family.

We have Whirly pops, Pop-rocks, Rock candy, Jelly Belly, M&M’s, Gum Balls and more treats that are all in Red, White, and Blue. Or you can even try our candy-based recipes!

Look at some of our sweet treats we will be cooking up this July 4th:

• Patriotic Pretzel Rods: All you will need for this sweet and salty treat is 4 simple ingredients.
-Pretzel rods
-Chocolate melts
-Food coloring (Red, White, & Blue)
-Candies (Red Hots; Red, White, and Blue M&M’s; Pop-Rocks)

patriotic pretzel rods

Directions: Simply begin by melting the chocolate in a bowl following the directions on the chocolate melts, then dip the pretzels creating a coating of chocolate and immediately cover with your patriotic candies. Let dry on parchment paper and then they are ready to be served to your guest!

• Flag Cake: This one has a few more ingredients than the last one but is definitely worth making!
-Cake Mix
-M&M’s (Red, White, & Blue M&M’s)

flag cake

Directions: Begin with baking a cake as normal, frost the cake with white frosting, and then begin placing the M&M’s in the shape of an American Flag. Place in fridge to cool and then you are able to serve! Enjoy!