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Jelly Belly is a candy that just about anyone can find a flavor they enjoy devouring! However, what happens when you take that DELICIOUS Jelly Belly and mix it with one that looks identical, but tastes DISGUSTING! Will you dare to take the challenge? Will it be a yuck or mmmm experience? Come in to SugarPop’s today to pick up your game of Bean Boozled!

How its played (Best with 2+ people): In the box of Jelly Belly Bean Boozled there will be two beans that look identical. One is going to taste like the regular flavor, but the other one is going to send your tastebuds on a crazy adventure!
Have each player choose a jelly bean that looks the same. Both place the jelly bean in your mouths at the same time and begin to chew. Within a few seconds you will be able to decipher who got the good one and who got the bad one. Repeat with the rest of the jelly beans. Have fun and try not to throw up! Flavors are listed below:


• Stinky Socks VS. Tutti Fruitti
• Rotten Egg VS. Buttered Popcorn
• Barf VS. Peach
• Booger VS. Juicy Pear
• Baby Wipes VS. Coconut
• Lawn Clippings VS. Lime
• Toothpaste VS. Berry Blue
• Canned Dog Food VS. Chocolate Pudding
• Moldy Cheese VS. Caramel Corn
• Skunk Spray VS. Licorice

While enjoying your Bean Boozled remember…

Smell: Basically how you will tell the jelly beans apart; if you smash one between your fingers it will smell like whatever flavor it is!

Flavor: This is a judgment of how bad (or good) each of the jelly bean tastes.

Aftertaste: This is the flavor they leave lingering behind after you’ve either swallowed them, spit them out, or thrown up.