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DeMet's TURTLES® Hero

DeMet’s TURTLES® Hero

There is nothing better than the classic combination of chocolate, caramel, and nuts. This combination is used in a variety of candies and chocolate bars. Peanuts tend to be the choice nut for candies but in 1916 George Demet created the classic Turtle by adding pecans instead of peanuts in the city of Chicago. Just pecans dipped in chocolate was popular in the 1900’s but Demet was the first to trademark this candy combination. It wasn’t until 1918 that Turtles got their “turtle” name. A salesman went into the dipping room and pointed out to the dippers that the candy looked just like a turtle.



Today, Turtles are owned by Yildiz Holding and to keep up with demand they use 7,000 tons of chocolate and 13,000 tons of nuts! Not only do they come in their classic form, but they also come with cashews, sea salt caramel, dark almond, and hazelnut varieties! -SugarPop’s Candy