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How to make your snow day sweeter!

The snow is upon us again! Maybe you’re snowed in and maybe you aren’t but nothing makes a snow day better than something sweet both you and your kids can enjoy. We gathered up a few fun and simple candy treats and activities to help you curb your sweet tooth while we are closed today. 1.) Melted candy bar hot chocolate Okay, so nothing really gets any better then this. After a long day of playing in the snow everyone wants something warm to snuggle up with and Momtastic has the perfect recipe! Heres what you need: A chocolate bar of your choice, milk, whipped cream for garnish, and other candies for garnish. Serving size: 2 – 1/2 cup chopped up chocolate bar – 1 3/4 cup of milk – 1/4 cup of candy to garnish Combine the milk and chopped up chocolate bar together in a pot over medium heat and whisk until chocolate is melted and everything is mixed together. Remove from heat, pour into your favorite mug, and garnish as you please!
Hot Chocolate pic

Hot Chocolate pic

2.) Reese’s S’mores
We love s’mores here at SugarPop’s, we have s’more buffets, in house s’more toasting, and we can even make you s’mores to give as gifts and favors! We know you love s’mores, so as a small gift from us to you, we are going to teach you how to step up your s’more game in a very very easy way.
Here’s what you need: Marshmallows, graham crackers, and reese’s peanut butter cups.
Toast your marshmallows how you like them, you can either do this by fire or by wrapping marshmallows in tin foil and toasting them in the oven. Next, carefully assemble your S’more: graham cracker, reese’s peanut butter cup, marshmallow, and then graham cracker!


Candy activities!
Maybe the snow isn’t for you or you want to keep the fun going after you’ve come inside from the cold!
1.) Glossy skittles paint
Here’s what you need: craft paint brushes, skittles, small plastic jars or cups, corn syrup.
First divide skittles up into different jars according to their color. Add corn syrup over the skittles until they are completely covered. Next, you wait. Some colors may start to divide their pigment before others, so wait a few hours for everything to completely divide.
Now, paint what ever you please! These paints smell delicious and look beautiful and glossy! You can paint these on regular paper but card stock works best. Set them aside to dry, depending on how thick the paint is it could take a day or two to completely dry.
2.) Candy chromatography from Mama Miss
Here’s what you need: Nerds, water, and coffee filters.
In this activity you will be separating the dye from the nerds onto the coffee filter to create colorful sheets of paper!
For the best results you should use two coffee filters and less water.
Lay nerds out onto your coffee filter and carefully drop water over the nerds. Wait 30 seconds to a minute in between drops. Keep adding nerds little by little, dropping water over them, and repeat until your whole coffee filter is covered with beautiful color!
After the nerds dye is mostly washed off the nerds, remove them from the filter and throw them away. Hang your coffee filters to dry and enjoy the color pointillism!
Candy Chromatography

Candy Chromatography

Make sure to stay safe and warm on this snow day!! We hope that we made your snow day sweet!
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