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This article was written in April 2013 After working in the pharmaceutical industry for 13 years, Sean Colas decided it was time to switch to a sweet new venture and launched SugarPop’s in downtown Mooresville. With a lineup that would make Willy Wonka proud, SugarPop’s, which opened in November, has more than 300 different types of candy, including the “wall of PEZ” and a giant dispenser of Jelly Belly beans. There’s also enormous peanut butter cups, yummy gummies that come in a variety of shapes, as well as nostalgic classics like Necco wafers, Pop Rocks, Nik-L-Nips and Mallo Cups. You can even pick up “decade boxes” that include sweet samplings from the 1950s through 1990s. Colas lives in Davidson with wife, Jennifer, and their three boys, all under the age of 5. “They love it here,” Colas says of his kids. “When they’re good, we have a candy jar for them behind the counter and they can take a piece from that. But with three young boys it’s a balancing act. They can get a little cranky and wild at times.” Though the store’s mascot is a sugar panda, there are treats for adults who venture in—with or without kids. The new premium chocolate section features truffles, chocolate-dipped graham crackers and bark by Birnn Chocolatier, perfect for creating a gift box for special occasions. Soda pop is another “major food group” here. In addition to the standbys you can find anywhere, there are more than 100 flavors in house. Bacon, buffalo wing and peanut butter and jelly are a few of the more eclectic options. And there are brands you may not recognize, including Jelly Belly, Avery’s, Jackson Hole, and Death Valley Root Beer. Many of these sodas are made with pure cane sugar rather than corn syrup, including the Mexican Coca-Colas they carry. Continually adding to their sweet cache, in February they introduced gourmet flavored popcorn, in March they brought in cotton candy, and this month they will be mixing Mooresville’s own Deluxe ice cream with their sodas to offer specialty ice cream floats. So, for example, you could order a Jelly Belly Strawberry Jam float made with Deluxe strawberry ice cream—a treat you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere. There is also a party room on site, perfect for birthdays and other special occasions, during which kids can make and nibble on their own confection creations. SugarPop’s can even bring the party to you with a color-coordinated candy buffet. They’ve already catered a few events at the nearby Charles Mack Citizen Center. Next month, the Colas will attend the Chocolate Symposium in Chicago and plan to bring back a whole new batch of sweets. “This is a place you can come with your kids or grandkids and make special memories,” says Colas. SugarPop’s Candy and Soda Shop 248 North Main St., Mooresville 704-799-0959 sugarpopscandy.com

* Written by Karel Bond Lucander
* Photography Gayle Shomer
Charlotte Observer
Charlotte, NC