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This was an article that was written back in October 2012.  
Sean Colas probably logged 50,000 miles a year selling pharmaceuticals from Charlotte to West Virginia. After 13 years, he needed a boost.“I just got burnt out,” Colas said. “I didn’t love what I was doing.” Colas turned to comfort food, specifically candy, a recession-proof business. He and his wife, Jennifer, have spent the past several months planning for the Nov. 3 grand opening of SugarPop’s, a new downtown  candy shop. The store will feature nearly 200 types of candy, 100 sodas and a Pez room filled with dispensers and refills. They will sell nearly two dozen varieties of M&Ms and Jelly Bellies, as well as chocolates, gummies and candies to conjure up nostalgia from the 1950s and on. People can also request their favorites. Colas describes himself as a dreamer and his wife as the practical one who brings him back to earth by asking detailed questions about his ideas. “The great thing is she is very supportive,” he said. “I always have these crazy ideas and inventions. I had a lot of time on my hands when I was in my car.” Colas recalls a weekend when he chauffeured his wife’s friends for a girls’ outing. The ladies were excited about visiting a candy store only to encounter a disinterested fellow working behind the counter. Colas and his wife frequently think back to how that trip to the candy store was such a horrible experience. It’s why customer service is such a critical ingredient to SugarPop’s. Jennifer Colas will also plan birthday parties and party room activities, such as candy crafts or candy-themed bingo. They cater events, like candy buffets at wedding events. “We want to make that experience a memory and great experience for parents and children,” Jennifer Colas said.
*written by Justin Vick Mooresville Weekly October 2012