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A couple of years ago, my wife and I decided to do something different.  We wanted to do something fun.  We wanted to be a part of the community.  We wanted to help make memories.  So after months of  research and planning, my wife let me open up our candy store, Sugarpop’s.  At first, we sold candy and soda.  People would come in for a few minutes, make their purchase, and enjoy their treat. Weeks later, we wanted to allow people to have even more experience in our store, so we decided to start hosting Birthday Parties for children.  After a few minor adjustments, we found success in making the kid’s birthday party, not only fun, but delicious.  And the parents found relief in having a party in a really fun place, at a great price, with absolutely no stress.  A win-win-win.  The goal is for everyone to have a smile on their face when the party is over. So why stop there?  Soon-after, we decided to get into the “wedding” business!  At first, we perfected the candy bar, or as some call it candy buffet.  We now have dozens of beautiful apothecary jars and candy jars.  We use two candy wholesalers to make sure we have candy that is exactly what the bride wants, whether its kind or color.  We purchased dozens of accessories to make sure we can match not only the candy need, but also the wedding theme!  We really enjoy using our buffets to not only help feed the guests, but also help make the reception even more beautiful.  To our surprise, our candy buffets have been a huge hit with children’s birthday parties as well. So we enjoyed working with Brides so much, and we received such great feedback, we wanted to do more!  Next thought:  Wedding favors!  Something new, something different, something fun!  We decided to start with S’mores boxes.  These marshmallows can be printed on with your picture, logo, saying, date, name, or any other personalization you want.  Something you can give your guests as a favor in their hotel room, or maybe pop them open an make your S’mores over the fire!  Very unique and a real eye-catcher.  If you don’t have fire, we can bring the S’mores bar to you! What about Marshmallow Pops?  These are really fun!  Super customizable and made to look as elegant and charming as you want it to be.  These are also personalized, but come with candy of your choice on a beautifully decorated stick. Do you like hot chocolate?  We can make them into a clever, easy-to-use  favor.  Just add milk!  A nice little dessert that your guests will be talking about for a long time. We have some other things up our sleeve.  We are always trying to think of new and fun wedding and party favors.  If there is something unique that you think we can do for your wedding, give us a call and let’s see if we can make your Wedding day even more sweet. Remember, our favors are not just for Weddings, you can use them for Birthdays or even Corporate Events! Our goal is to be the best Candy Store in Mooresville, Lake Norman, Charlotte, North Carolina, the U.S., and the World!! We want your visit to our store to be special every single time.  We want to make your event the sweetest you can imagine.  We are always trying to improve for our customers, and always welcome feedback and advice.  See you soon!     -Sean