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Over the past year, we received feedback on our chocolate and truffles, and found that most people were satisfied with the quality and the price.  However, we wanted total satisfaction with what were were serving our customers.  We searched all chocolatiers locally and nationally for the perfect fit to our chocolate case and found some great chocolate and truffles makers.  You will now find Sweet Shop USA and Long Grove as our only items in our chocolate case.  Here is a highlight of a few of the chocolates we have:   Love Truffle Milk and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Peanut Butter Cup Turtles (Myrtles) Irish Coffee Truffle Almond Bark Jelly Rings or Squares Peppermint Bark (Seasonal) Chocolate covered pretzels Dark chocolate covered espresso beans White chocolate Truffle with Raspberry and Strawberry puree   So for Valentine’s Day, come on out to SugarPop’s in Mooresville, and get our great treat for your loved-one.  We can pack them in two, four, and ten packs.