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Candy Flavored Soda in Lake Norman, NC


Lake Norman and the Triad, Soda Candy

We’ve been told by many people in the Lake Norman Area that our Jelly Belly flavored Soda is the best they’ve ever tasted.  In a variety of different flavors that spark every one of your taste buds, we can see why – They’re delicious! For the ultimate Soda Candy experience, grab a handful of our Wax Soda Candy and sip some Lemon Drop or Green Apple flavored Soda.  You can eat your soda while you drink it! You’re never too old to enjoy good candy and soda! Why not bring your kids in to let them try this fantastic combination? They’ll love the candy as much as the mind-blowing experience. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous you can try one of our hundred different soda flavors.  Have you ever wondered what Bacon Soda tasted like?  If you weren’t before, you may be curious about our Peanut Butter and Jelly soda.  Or do like most of the parents that visit our shop do, grab a classic soda like Coca Cola and let the children experiment with the wild and wacky flavors. Candy, Soda and fun make Sugar Pop’s a place and event to remember.