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Bulk Wrapped Candy for MooresvilleBulk Candy in Charlotte, NC

  You need candy and lots of it, where do you go?  Sugar Pop’s is the first place you should look because we have most any candy you can think of and plenty of it!  Everything from a case of lollipops to Tootsie Rolls to fill a Piñata (or two) all the way to a giant 5 pound Gummy Bear to fill the curiosity and tummies of every member of a child’s birthday party. We have competitive pricing for a single candy bar or pack of Sour Pucker Powder so your savings are out of this world when you buy in bulk.  We’re always refilling our supplies so whether you need one box or a truckload we’re sure we will have everything you need. Once you have your candy, what will you do with it?  Some ideas we have had are:

  • Fill 2 piñatas with candy and leave a third empty, let each kid take turns picking one of the three piñatas and give them 2 minutes a turn.  Watch the children pick the wrong one and wear themselves out trying to get it open!
  • Make small bouquets of candy to give out to guests at a wedding or other fitting event.
  • Fill a large bowl with Jelly Bellies and sprinkle Hot & Spicy Tobasco flavored Jellies around the top.  Put the bowl near the entrance of your party or event and wait for someone to get the wrong one!  Be sure to have some milk handy in case of spice-intolerant guests though.