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This was an article that was written back in October 2012.  
Sean Colas probably logged 50,000 miles a year selling pharmaceuticals from Charlotte to West Virginia. After 13 years, he needed a boost.“I just got burnt out,” Colas said. “I didn’t love what I was doing.” Colas turned to comfort food, specifically candy, a recession-proof business. He and his wife, Jennifer, have spent the past several months planning for the Nov. 3 grand opening of SugarPop’s, a new downtown  candy shop. The store will feature nearly 200 types of candy, 100 sodas and a Pez room filled with dispensers and refills. They will sell nearly two dozen varieties of M&Ms and Jelly Bellies, as well as chocolates, gummies and candies to conjure up nostalgia from the 1950s and on. People can also request their favorites. Colas describes himself as a dreamer and his wife as the practical one who brings him back to earth by asking detailed questions about his ideas. “The great thing is she is very supportive,” he said. “I always have these crazy ideas and inventions. I had a lot of time on my hands when I was in my car.” Colas recalls a weekend when he chauffeured his wife’s friends for a girls’ outing. The ladies were excited about visiting a candy store only to encounter a disinterested fellow working behind the counter. Colas and his wife frequently think back to how that trip to the candy store was such a horrible experience. It’s why customer service is such a critical ingredient to SugarPop’s. Jennifer Colas will also plan birthday parties and party room activities, such as candy crafts or candy-themed bingo. They cater events, like candy buffets at wedding events. “We want to make that experience a memory and great experience for parents and children,” Jennifer Colas said.
*written by Justin Vick Mooresville Weekly October 2012

MOORESVILLE – Growing up in northern New Jersey, Sean Colas remembers hanging out at the Corner Store, a neighborhood shop where the owners sold pop, candy cigarettes and scratch-off tickets. Nothing fancy but great memories. The recollections of his childhood propelled him to create SugarPop’s Candy and Soda Shop in downtown. The shop held a grand opening May 9 for its new café with free s’mores for all who dropped in. In the store’s fun-loving style, store manager Cassandra Wood warned youthful customers, “Don’t swing any burning marshmallows, please blow out the flames.” Customers can choose from flavored marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers, as well as coffee, sodas, iced tea and lemonade. Sean Colas, a partially grown kid himself, decided to ditch the grind of pharmaceutical sales with its long hours and overnights. But when he approached his wife with the idea of a candy shop, she thought he’d lost his mind. Not one to give up, he developed a business plan. He first traveled around the country visiting candy shops, picking the owner’s brains for what succeeds in the sweets business. Then he sat down with a friend who works for the “most magical place on earth,” (Disney World) to find out how to make his shop more magical. After many weeks of research, he decided to stock his new store with jelly beans, jellies, gourmet sodas, popcorn, ice cream and nostalgic candy. Adding his large life-size mascot, SugarPop, was the final cherry on top of the sundae. Customers walking into the store slip into a good mood even if they’ve just come from an hour’s traffic jam on Interstate 77. As you enter, the left side of the store houses cheerful glass vials with a variety of jelly beans: Other wall space displays the largest variety of M&M’s known to man.  Farther back in the store Pez candy dispenser collectors will drool at the selection lining the wall. A second room adjacent to the store has tables and chairs for families to sit as they sip their favorite soda from Avery to Jones sodas with choices of Buffalo Wings or Peanut Butter flavored drinks. Colas said it’s also becoming a place for local high school students to hang out after school. The room turns into a birthday party room where the store puts on celebrations. Also slated for this summer, the SugarPop’s Candy and Soda Shop will offer a Day Camp with, “minimum candy and maximum fun.” For those having a bad day the store has created video fun on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHcRbXEkK1c. The store evolves to serve all kinds of customers. When first opened, Colas noticed some come in circle the perimeter, and leave. When questioned, the browsers said they were looking for chocolates. That’s when Colas decided to offer Long Grove Confectionery Company and other premium chocolates to satisfy those with more refined tastes.   Want to go? SugarPop’s Candy and Soda Shop opens 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Friday-Saturdays, and noon-4 p.m. Sundays at 248 N. Main, Mooresville. Details: www.sugarpopscandy.com or 704-799-0959.

We get so many requests for candy in different colors.  Some people want to use it for decorating a cake or a treat.  Some people want candy in different colors for a Birthday Party, favors for a Wedding, or a Graduation for a Candy Buffet.  We have had recent requests where parents are getting their recent graduates candy in different colors for the College they will be attending. Some of the most popular and easy choices are Jelly Belly, M&Ms, Gummy candy, and even bottled soda.  We have all of the candy in the candy store all of the time, but there are times where we would need to place a special order to get exactly the candy in the specific color for the customer.  The process is easy.  The customer comes into the store.  They look at our wholesale candy candy catalog, and choose what candies they need.  We then put an online candy order in, and usually get the shipment within a week.  Of course, if the customer needs it sooner, we can get the shipment within 2-3 days.  Mooresville is next to Lake Norman, and about 20-25 minutes to Charlotte, so sometimes it is a little far for someone that is in Fort Mill or Columbia, SC.  So the easiest way for them to order is by giving us a call.  We will take the time and literally go through the book to make sure the customer gets exactly what they want.  Some other options for candy in different color is:  sixlets, rock candy, gum balls, string licorice, and fruit sours. So if you need candy in different colors, for any occasion, come to SugarPop’s.  We will get the candy you need.

Cinco de Mayo is seen as a day to celebrate the culture, achievements and experiences of people with a Mexican background, who live in the United States.  Cinco de Mayo officially commemorates the anniversary of an early victory by Mexican forces over French forces in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. So what kind of Cinco de Mayo celebration do you have? Here at SugarPop’s, we have all of the candy, chocolate, soda, and popcorn you need for your party.  Have us do a candy buffet for you.  Or even better, why not a S’mores buffet where we bring you the fire, marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate in a beautiful display for your guests to enjoy.  Need a party favor?  We have those too.  Choose from marshmallow pops, S’mores boxes, or personalized marshmallows! We have so many colors of candy to match from M&Ms to Jelly Belly to Gummies.  Stop by and check us out and have us do your next event or celebration. We service the Charlotte, Lake Norman, Mooresville area!

The earliest reference to jelly beans is associated with Boston candy maker William Schrafft who urged people to send his jelly beans to Union soldiers fighting in the Civil War. Nothing helps ward off the discomfort of gangrene quite like a jelly bean, we guess.Jelly beans became a wide-spread American treat in the early 20th Century, sold with other penny candies, and in the 1930’s the popular association of jelly beans and Easter was firmly entrenched in our culture, most likely due to the ovate shape (that means ‘shaped like an egg,’ but we prefer the fancy word). Jelly beans worked their way into more than just holiday traditions, however; they have made a name for themselves in music and politics, as well. American fans thought that The Beatles liked jelly babies, but not knowing what those are, fans hurled jelly beans instead, oblivious to the fact that jelly beans are much harder than jelly babies and therefore hurt when they hit their target. Having been pelted with jelly beans once too often, George Harrison commented, “We don’t like jelly babies, or fruit gums for that matter, so think how we feel standing on stage trying to dodge the stuff, before you throw some more at us.” In politics, jelly beans earned fame as president Ronald Reagan’s favorite treat (he started munching on them to help him stop smoking his pipe). Jelly Belly, maker of the famous gourmet jelly beans, created the Blueberry Jelly Belly expressly for the president, who once said about himself and his comrades, “We can hardly start a meeting or make a decision without passing around the jar of jelly beans.” National Jelly Bean Day is April 22.
*from Candyfavorites.com

  Easter Candy has arrived at our Store!  Check out the video above for all of the new candy we have selected specially for Easter.  Remember we can also do candy baskets, chocolates in our beautiful boxes, and candy arrangements.  Check us out in Downtown Mooresville!